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EMS201-en : Frontal / Occipital Stress Release


The purpose of this unit is to develop skill and understanding in the use of the frontal/occipital stress release technique including the application of active listening and role play.

Those who have completed this unit will be able to use basic frontal/occipital holding, assist the client: to find new resources, apply the video-rewrite method, brainstorm, make up new possibilities, use their senses and intuition, state what they are feeling, want and are willing to do to achieve this, with or without the use of imagery including but not limited to jewels, balloons, grounding rods, picture frames and symbolic encapsulation and the hypothesis of an older, wiser self, to enable the client to defuse stress related to but not limited to challenges to their authority and terminating a relationship within or without the context of active listening or role play.

EMS201-en : Frontal / Occipital Stress Release
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